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Could you spare that look?

Spare it for our daughter,

Let it be her reference,

That men can be amazing.

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Would you impact our son?

Teach him to be a man,

Not a man to build his ego,

But a man you can entrust your daughter to.

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Could you tell her?

Tell her she is enough and will always be,

Please remind her for me,

She is precious and loved.

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Hold his hand and take a walk,

I hope you and him will talk,

That no means no,

Rejection is not the end of life.

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Teach our kids the truth,

That perfection is false perception,

Not all prizes are worth pursuing,

That humanity can be messed up and lack sanity.

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I hope they never get to change,

I hope they find love and all its joys and aches,

I hope they don’t have to look over their shoulder,

I hope the world becomes a better place.

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Our kids will feel like they belong,

No worry or fear of the beasts and predators,

I pray they find peace again,

I hope they look in the mirror and feel confident.

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Dear baby daddy,

I hope they don’t sink in toxicity,

Our kids will be different,

That’s all I hope for love.

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