She came into the room, her hands stained red with purple bruises forming on her porcelain skin. Her face was pale white and her pink dress was torn from the waist down exposing her long legs that were covered in blue marks. She kept looking over her shoulder even when she was safe within the confines of my yellow walls.

“He raised his hand at me today,” she chocked as she sobbed into my arms. Zuri was tall, dark and handsome; I always thought that those features were what attracted Riziki to him. He loved and genuinely cared at first until his mask fell off. Black was an understatement, he was the abyss itself. Violent and vulgar, he used every chance he got to belittle Riziki.
I watched as my friend faded to grey as he put out the orange flame that was her fiery personality. He had denied a budding flower its essentials and now it was turning into a brown heap of humus.

“He swore to protect me before the elders. He swore that son of a gun!!” she screamed in pain.

#Tales of the Twisted Empress

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