“Breathe in breathe out. It’s going to be okay soon. Wipe your tears dear darling, don’t let the fear drive you. You are stronger than you know. Baby you are a fighter, you are a warrior. Baby you are love. You are a light brightly shining.”
I listened to their voices and felt their soothing hands at the small of my back. I momentarily believed them and got lost in their hope. Yes! I knew about hope that feeling that could move mountains. Wait! No! That is faith. Hope is everything will be okay. I think that is what it meant.
I want to go back in time feel so much that I closed myself off from. I hid behind my fortress. The empress was never disturbed. That they knew and followed to the letter. In the confines of my sanctuary, I watched them and felt a desire I never knew existed in my solitude. I wanted what they had and craved it so much that not even my endless supply of cookies and yoghurt sustained my needs.

What if I told you the words you want to hear?
What if I told you that the battle was won?
What if I said I surrender?
What if I say the challenge was accepted?
What if the duel was just a facade?
What if I said my walls were crashed long ago?
What if I just wanted the thrill of seeing how far you would stick up for me?
What if everything was a dream?
What if I’m just wishful thinking? What if I’m mental and had missed my medication?
What if…

Earth to Jupiter!!! I drown in my own thoughts time and again. Maybe it is not meant to be. Maybe just maybe my towers need to remain locked and the windows shut. Maybe it’s the love feeling in the air. Maybe I’m just craving for chocolates. Maybe I’m dedicating this piece to the ones with a quiet Valentines this season. Maybe it’s for the ones so in love but are insecure. Everyone deserves love just like forgiveness. Maybe love is not just between couples. Share the love this season. HAPPY VALENTINES PEOPLE.

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