This sounds funny, Corner girl??. I actually laughed as I wrote it. Well I’m grateful you noticed the things I hide, my friends are not that observant so I guess it’s a nice thing.

Life has a way of beating one down but we rise. The sadness in my eyes is the result of a heavy heart. I’m trying to rise and I need a friend so can you be mine?

I don’t want to beat around the bush and I’ll take it as it is. Boys do cry and we hurt and we aren’t always strong. We are human, I wish they knew that and treated us as such.

Corner girl, I see you staring during lunch hour and I feel a blush creep on my face. You’re pretty and really interesting to watch?. I noticed you too so it’s mutual?.

You like black and hoodies?. You don’t eat much but you snack a lot?. I wish we get to talk because we’d share a lot. You seem like the type to enjoy long walks and talks. ?

Corner girl, thanks it’s been a while before someone tried to really get to know me. I’m very grateful and I’d love to know more about you.

Meet me by the Cafe at 7th street, the one with green lanterns and lillies.

Sincerely the boy you notice.

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