I thought you were a dream and I’d never want to wake up if it is. I have this melody in my head and a spring in my step. My friends keep saying I’m a happier being. They missed the laugh that was the life of the party.

“Sof, are you fine?” another one of my daydreams interrupted. So what if I wish on falling stars? Blow kisses to the falling dandelions. I dance in the rain hoping I’d find the dream that haunts my nights and lights my day.

I’m looking for a saving grace, a respite from the scary shadows of the dark. In search of perfection that slips through my hands like sand at the beach. A callous hand that’s tender for me.

Sunsets in utter blissful silence. Peace in sharing a part of my world that’s a circus in and out. Music is the therapy that calms stretched nerves. A little bit of nirvana here. My slice of heaven in my corner. 

 It’s a little hazy but I thought you’d clear the cobwebs scattered in my head. You in particular with the eyes I lose myself into. The voice that keeps it all under wraps. I’m asking for too much, I’m too brazen so if I keep quiet, manna’s going to fall.

Hello again, I’ve been underwater for too long I had to catch my breath at least speak with my dying breath, isn’t that what they do in movies?

I want reality and I want it with you. 

A girl can wish, can’t she?


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