FOR HIM… with love

Baby boy,

Hey hello Holla, whatchu up to? I don’t know the slang they’ll be using then, that’s why I’m a bit confused how to greet you. This is a letter, I bet you’ve realized that already?.

Baby boy, I waited for you for so long. I remember praying for you and wishing I would hold you in my arms soon. I always had a special place in my heart for you years before I knew you would be mine.

I hope now that you are grown you’ll remember what I taught you. I hope you will respect women as much as you respected me. I won’t lie that all women are good or that they all deserve an applause. Some will be out to get you for your looks or your money or both. You’ll have those that will genuinely love you for your witty nature and goofiness.

You’ll meet people who expect so much from you and they’ll pressure you just because you are man. They pull you down and push you against the wall. I hope you’ll fight back not physically but with your intelligence. My boy you are everything and anything you want to be.

You’ll try as much as possible not to break hearts but if it’s not worth the strain just leave it be. Remember your mother please, that’s my greatest prayer. Treat them like you would treat me. Promise to rise each time you fall. Take care of yourself because you will come first before you get your own family.

My baby, pray, it’s not a sign of weakness. Sometimes things get tough, they’ll expect you to provide even if your wallet is drier than the Kalahari. Pray for a way, a little faith goes a long way.

Son, I hope you find someone who makes you happy. Who will bring out the light in your eyes and that laugh that makes my heart glad.

My baby, fight the ring is closing in but you’re stronger than you think. The upside and downs don’t last forever but the spirit of a fighter lasts longer. My baby boy mummy loves you so much. Make mama proud. ???

Yours in life and love,


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