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Catch a vibe, he said! What was I thinking Ella? Was it crack? Why did I agree to all that?” She was packing up her bags, tears clouding her eyes.

They had met at a barbeque, she wanted a mimosa, he offered her more than she bargained for. A smooth tongue and a toned body. He was a modern day Adonis, sculptured to a T, all the rocks and ridges aligned.

“Ella, I am 45 weeks pregnant! With twins!” She was getting hysterical, her life had been thrown off-balance. She wasn’t planning on kids until she was 28. “My life is ruined, my father will now disown me. Ella, what do I do?” she whispered defeated.
“I gave him my best Ella,these four walls can attest to it. He scorned me,he used me. He disgraced me every chance he got. Ella, he doesn’t want the kids. He beat me up and cut my lip. Ella…” She broke into loud sobs. Her pain was raw and each tear fuelled the fire that tore her up.
The doorbell rang and fear washed over her. Could he have returned to end her life? He had threatened her countless times  before.

Chelsea,open up it’s Ella. We need to leave soon,he can’t find you here.


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