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I loved you,
Treasured and kept you close,
You were my air,
The song I lived and breathed,
My sanity in a world devoid of clarity,
I let you close, closer to my heart,
Where I swore to never let anyone be
I thought what we had was an eternity
Closed my eyes to the flaws
The gaping hole was strewn along your path.

I ignored the scars,
Plastered and hammered in my being,
I accepted the “forgive me”
The “I am sorry I did not mean to”
Believed every lie
The stories were woven so intrinsically
I was held in a spell
So well
I couldn’t blink unless you told me to
Ate at your word
Sat at your feet
A piece I didn’t need but couldn’t heed
The sickness I couldn’t heal even with the best physicians
I give my peroration
With heaviness that sunk the Titanic.

I blame it on love
The whims of passion to which I was a slave
I trusted too much and turned a blind eye
Got a blackened eye in return
They tried to woo me back into the fold
But I was a lost sheep too far gone to be saved

Your honor
I’m guilty
It’s the depth of his eyes
The sound of his voice
The feel of his touch
Taste of his lips
Your honor
It is my crime, I loved him.

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