I’m not really sure if this is the right thing to do. I have always been a little awkward and shy. I can’t really blame anyone but I’ve always been a social pariah. I don’t talk much; I just watch or stare if I have too. That’s weird I know but I get to learn people that way. Don’t get creeped out yet because I think it’ll be a little bit too early to.

I’ve been watching you, please read on don’t tear the paper yet I have a reason for my behaviour. As I was saying, I’ve been watching you every day and it has been an experience. I couldn’t help noticing how much you like black tea with two sugars or how much you put a lot salt of in your food. It was fascinating watching you as you bathed in the sweetness of the first bite of your pepperoni pizza.?

I blatantly stared when you smiled because you have an adorable dimple on your left cheek. You hate it when someone messes up your hair; I know this because your cringe can be seen from miles away. If you haven’t found me weird yet then I have a right to believe your levels of tolerance are high or either way you are really interested in my messy story. I really like your fingers?; I have a fetish of sorts with well kept nails. Your manicurist is really on top of their game, the best in the trade I believe.?

This is getting awkward; I can feel the change in the atmosphere is palpable. I’m beating around too many bushes I’ll probably destroy the eco-balance. You’re always happy and smiling but the joy never reflects in your eyes. It’s none of my business but your laugh cheers me up and your smile brightens my day. I’ve been around long enough to know that you’re bothered. If you need a shoulder I’m here. If you need a henchman, I’m here we’ll hide the dead bodies together. Reach out, your pride and social standing is at stake but reach out please. My world is centred on you and I need you to be okay. Please reach out to me, I know I’m probably psychotic but I care. Roses have thorns but they bloom. Love of my life, please reach out.

The girl at the corner.


P.S I love you, I really do.

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