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Kiss Me

Kiss me,
With the fervent nature of a parched soul quenching its thirst,
The excitement of a child getting their first candy,
Find it in you to communicate the long nights and even longer days spent away,
Let me feel the longing through the dance of our lips,
May the breath caught in our lungs dispel with the outpouring of these emotions,
With every kiss create new memories of this moment and others yet to come,
Fill up this well that had run dry,
Be that oasis I sought in the heat of this desert I wandered on.

Kiss me,
Give thanks on my lips,
A prayer well answered,
Patience that was not in vain,
Trace the words we cannot speak,
Speak the language that tames our wild hearts,
Rescue me from the distress of you missing from me,
Everything in this moment is blurred,
The present is just you and me,
Dancing blissfully feeling the energy through this interaction.

Kiss me,
Like we shall not meet again,
As if this is the last time we share in this joy,
Darling leave me with a smile that stretches for miles,
But mostly hold me,
In those arms that are home,
By your lips that resuscitate my soul,
Kiss me.

©Twisted Empress™

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