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Where’s my mind? Where’s my mind? Where’s my mind? Maybe it’s in the gutters, where I left my lover. What an expensive fate! My V is for vendetta, I thought that I’ll feel better but now I got a bellyache.

Billie Eilish-Bellyache

Lilac, that was her name, like the fragrance that wafted through the summer air. Her presence captivating, graceful like the swans sang about in the 12 days of Christmas ?.

Sweet and fragile like antique china, molded to perfection,a perfection so brilliant you had to turn the lights off cause it blinded?.

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Her voice soothed and healed souls bringing them to eternal salvation or damnation. A personality that swept everyone over even the hardest of souls. ?

She was fire and ice,a raging storm and a calming breeze. Her hair was a thick African mane and her smile melted the coldest of hearts.


I’m crazy for you,Lord knows what I’d do ,I’d even die for you,Whatever you need
I’m down on my knees I guess that means…

stupid love- Jason Derulo

She had me wrapped around her little finger,her wish was my command. Her kisses were my undoing. She had cast a spell on me and I was hers to control.

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Without her I was a lost puppy,I craved her every second and I became still only when I dived into her ocean eyes.

When you move ,I’m put to mind of all that I wanna be
When you move ,I could never define all that you are to me


I wrote ballads for her. We played the drums and danced on the cobbled streets. She was my ecstacy and I was her fairy tale prince. We were happy we were living the dream.

She loved roses and midnight tea. I remember our silly laughs and stupid arguments. She wanted Jupiter and I chose Uranus.

I loved football whereas she cheered for motorsports. Engines and speed fed her adrenaline. Behind the wheel,she was a daredevil and I’d say a prayer whenever she raced down the winding  roads.

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Her enthusiasm pulled me out of many dark nights and sad moments.

Sweet creature, sweet creature. Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature. When I run out of road, you bring me home

Sweet Creature- Harry Styles

The call,that call froze me in time. She was fighting for her life and mine was spiralling away. I could never make it without her.

I feared her love would be her downfall. Men don’t cry,I wailed and soaked my pillow every night.

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She was my soulmate and the love of my life. Life had lost it’s meaning in a way that all the color was drained away.

There must be something in the water ,’Cause everyday it’s getting colder
And if only I could hold you, You’d keep my head from going under

Bruises-Lewis Capaldi

Months dragged along,each day I sank further. They didn’t let me see her. I could only take a peek and move along.

They moved her away. They sent me a telegram,”She is gone”. I died that day,my world crumbled so fast.

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Everything was spinning and I fell into a peaceful darkness. I was numb,inside and out. A zombie,alive but empty.

What’s my hand without your heart to hold?
I don’t know what I’m living for
If I’m living without you

Tell me you love me- Demi Lovato

I am a nervous mess,there’s a boiling pot in my chest. I really can’t breathe. I can see her,that smile I’ve always loved. Everyone is in position,here goes nothing.

“Lil, I lost you once and I am not ready to lose you twice. You complete the puzzle of my life. In you I find a reason to exist,before these humans who have loved us and been there through it all, will you marry me?”

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She said yes,I was over the moon. We popped champagne and danced till early morning. At last she was mine,mine for eternity.

And i know heaven has blessed me with you
You are my miracle, so precious and true
And i know heaven is missing an angel or two
Because God’s greatest gift to me is you

God’s Greatest Gifts –Chris Willis and Kelli Williams
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