“There’s a guest for you,sir.”

It had been 5 long hours of waiting for her to show up. The agony had turned into angry snarls and grunts directed to his servants. He banged doors, broke a glass and was close to setting the living room on fire.

She could feel the heat radiating from him. He was riled up and she was celebrating her win. Let the games begin sir!

“You kept me waiting on you. I do not wait on others they wait on me. Wrong move Carmen. Are you sure you want this?”

His voice,low and threatening. He had on a smirk which she gladly wanted to wipe the floor with.

“I am doing you a favor,sir! I have graced your presence with my delectable self. You should be honored,” she retorted as she perched herself onto the couch.

That fueled him further into a fit. A few strides later he was hovering over her face. Daring her to repeat herself. She winked at him and smiled. The audacity!

“Calm down sir! We don’t need to get the doctors on speed dial,do we?”

“Carmen! What has gotten to you?”

She had the reins and she could control this carriage whatever way she chose. He wanted meek she would give him just what the doctor recommended.

Their scuffle had attracted an audience. The servants were having a field day. They had never seen anyone who could handle the man in that way.

He gave up and slouched on the couch in defeat. “What do you want Carmen?”

“That’s more like it Richard. I am not a puppet you can control so quit trying to order me about!”

He wanted to keep her,Carmen was the fresh breath he needed after being stuck in the sewers for long. He captured her tiny mouth in a kiss. He wanted this to to last longer than the little bottles of perfume from Arabia.

She was pleased, she could tame the fire and ignite it by a touch. Her beast and his beauty. Carmen and Richard. The storm and the whirling wind.

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