Kindly let my eyes swim a little longer, my body literally freezes in water. Yes, I can’t swim well because my life flashes before my eyes and I imagine the kids I never got to raise, the guy I never got to date and the good that never bloomed into action. To be honest I fear water that is outside my comfortable music studio a.k.a my bathroom.

I wish you could just look in my direction and smile, just a curve of those lips that look like the strawberries at Grace’s store. Maybe you can even wink, I swear your eyes glow like angels live in them. Just wave, those hands make the Greek gods feel ashamed. Have I mentioned your hair? My oh my, I need my salivary glands fixed, I’m drooling too much.?

I almost forgot, I should not have forgotten clearly I’m a lost pea. Wait, do you remember the princess and the pea? I loved that story and would sleep every night praying that I’m a princess. I backtracked a lot, this is what happens when you trust your heart to write your words. Yes, I was talking about his voice, yes that voice that makes my blood freeze.

I’m a typical normal average human being that behaves as per the norm but around him I become retarded. I mean I once said 4+2=7 because he is so perfect?. My tongue becomes so heavy and slippery that words just slide out without my notice. My vocabulary is limited to mere syllables and grunts. I become a typical pig just without the curly tail, isn’t it so cute?

Oh no! Here we go again, my brain has gone on a picnic to Corumba or the Pantal , who says pigs are cute? ?? Please you creature from space, extraterrestrial race, Adonis whatever you may be turn my way and just acknowledge my presence just say something even if it’s “you’re annoying” I’ll take whatever is given my way.

Wait, I need biological proof you’re human, maybe a strand of that silky hair or one of your fingernails even toenails are okay. By now you know I’m demented and it’s all your fault.

Please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart.

How do you expect me to be the same around the light of my world? Even the Princess and the frog did not prepare me for this, even beauty and the beast comes no close to this. I think you were cursed with blinding beauty, trust me you are a beautiful creation.

The kind to be framed and put in very expensive galleries. The Mona Lisa should not have been painted because they should have preserved you with strokes of the brush and color.

How am I supposed to breathe without you. Tell me how am I supposed to carry on.

I probably should stop, I can hear the sirens and the annoying hoots from the drivers. I’m standing in the middle of the road facing your house as I scream my letter to you. I’ll be locked up for good I hope asylum food tastes so good, I’m glad I lost my marbles, I lost them for you.

Hey, Mr officer handle me with care that man who called you to come get me, he loves me the same way I love him


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