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It’s not even midnight,she’s by the balcony slowly sipping her tea. Tea is never hurried,she knows that and has perfected the art of chai-taking. Her mind is wandering like it does most times. She has painted easels better than The Mona Lisa in that beautiful mess of hers. She has scaled heights within her mind prison but that is not where she has run to this breezy evening.

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You are the reason,
I can’t lie any longer,
Everything points to you,
The smile on my face,
Thoughts in my head,
All of that is you.

When I look into your eyes I feel things. Could this be that puzzle called love?

She is in his maze right now. Him. People like him did not fall for her. His lips could be explored every single second with every X marking a new treasure spot. When they form that smirk that sends her on the brink of insanity.She should get out of there now, the waters are getting stormy but there is his smile, his physique,his voice… “Snap out of it,Carmen!” she scolds herself and walks back in to refill her cup,she drops a couple of shots with her tea and settles on the couch.

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Hell to heaven be my escape love,
Turn on the lights in the dark,
Turn on my heart it’s been blank.

Let my hands travel up your back,
As my lips trace your neck,
Let me breath in your scent.

She goes back to the kiss, the one that turned her into Shakespeare with a pinch of Lord Byron and a whiff of King Solomon. It’s barely midnight and she thinks of the moments  so vividly and she sighs, “Oh boy!  What I’m I going to do with you? Wait for midnight and then invade my senses and ensnare me till daybreak.” The door bell rings,her delivery is here time to meet her nightmare.




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