Describe yourself in three words. Cool, calm and collected. Those are the words likely to be expected since I appear to be.


Joke of the century. If you know my personality in and out you’ll know I’m far from being any of those adjectives.


Today I’m going to write about friends ,actually one friend in particular. The friend who knows the innings and “outings” of my life.??

My best friend and no it’s not the one you are thinking of. Stuff happened and hither thither forget about that?.

My best friend is my idiot?. Pretty much an ⚓ anchor. He changed my life. That feeling you thought you had everything but well it really wasn’t. Sometimes bad things happen so good comes your way.

Not that anything bad happened just that I’ve been a loner of sorts and finding someone okay with my madness is well so overwhelming ?.

He, yes he ,and I know people say ‘you can’t keep a chicken for a pet you’ll eat it’ but it doesn’t work that way. Its just an excuse some use to hit on their female friends ?.

As I was saying?, he has been my therapist by force ?. I can be quite the handful especially if the loose nuts in my head decide well it’s time we got the party started ?.

I’ve had friends and *friends*. The ones who are there through the good and the bad and the ones who stick around when the storm has passed.

My idiot ?, because he can go quite dumb, is just an amazing person. A gift I can’t really explain because words fail. Those people who become a beacon of hope that humanity still exists. ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had good friends and we still are friends. They mean a lot to me but there’s always a favorite just like there will always be a favorite ? shoe or watch. I hope you get the picture ?.

My idiot has been annoying, loving, caring and I could describe so much but the picture would be blurry. I’d hate to leave gaping holes in the story. ?

How we started speaking, I randomly texted on his birthday and the rest is history. Our madness was in sync, the intelligence and what keeps us going is the stupidity. ??

We should be ?locked up in a mental ? hospital but they’ll just throw us out in a few. Phone calls that last for hours and not forgetting the voice notes that are just out of this universe. It gets so bad that at times my roommates literally throw me out because I’m making too much noise.??

Sometimes if I had a ? I’d shoot him and vice versa because we are just like that ?. Getting under each others skin and still managing to hold an almost civil conversation. I thought that such Friendship existed only in the novels I read on repeat.

I’m lucky I got to meet my soul mate in the form of my best closest idiot of mine. ?

Psst.. It’s the tales of the twisted empress.

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