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The cafe down the street has our photos on their poster. They say our our chemistry suits their aesthetic. Picture perfect, emotions swirling all around us. The barista slipped a note under my cup, he said I was lucky that you looked at me that way. I am not sure what he meant but I was glad he didn’t put his phone number.

My email is buzzing every five minutes and I cannot shut off the notifications. All these brands want to work with us, they highlight how photogenic we are. We’d make a good buck, maybe a million if we accept the offers. I had to disable my account on instagram, the requests and fake accounts became overwhelming. I did not want to lose anymore than I already had.

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The doorman wants an autograph, a selfie and branded merchandise because he served us for so long. It’s like the birds too know because they started a new melody for the past few mornings. We have made it to a new level, the world around us is noticing what we have. Beautiful, right?

Where do I start the story? How do I explain that we don’t exist anymore? What we had is gone with the wind, swept away by the waves and lost in the storms of yesterday. It’s been months, months of not seeing you or hearing that voice that soothed my woes away. No one knows what’s going on, why I hide in my apartment now that I am alone.

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

For me it happens all the time.

Need You Now
Lady A

My voicemail is probably full , I can’t pick any calls. They cannot find out we are over. Broken glass that cannot be the same ever again. So what happened? Did my laugh irritate you that much? I always thought it was all good fun. You meant it did you? You being tired of calming my fears all the time. You played superhero and I the dame who attracted danger just by existing. Was it my voice? How it gets shrill when I am excited. Maybe it’s my obsession with the moon. It’s unhealthy, isn’t it?

I question myself, my mind runs a thousand miles per hour. My walls are filled with post-it notes, flaws and faults that made you leave. My shortcomings that couldn’t match to your greatness. So I bare my heart out on these pages, bleeding words onto them might weed you out of my system. I am hoping I move on, fight through this hurt and bleakness. I know if you’d come back I’d run to you. That’s my problem it’s only you I want.

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