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It's been a minute... Love, Twisted Empress

Hi. Forgive me please it’s been a while before we posted anything here. A lot has been happening and it’s taken quite the toll on the whole being. It’s a Monday as I write this and I have tons of school work due but I can barely sit and concentrate on this work. Anyway it’s not about my woes. So here is a peace offering, my second love poetry.

Ignite a fire,
Burn all the wires,
Distort the peace,
Break me into pieces.

Why would you want me?
I am just a stormy sea,
Save your soul,
If you want to be whole.

Broken beyond repair,
Heart so full of despair,
Sing me to sleep,
A slumber so deep.

You are not my home,
I am far from where I am from,
A record that plays no more,
Lie to me not anymore.

Let me find my space,
My kind of place,
Far away from this things,
Let me go rebuild me.

(c) Twisted Empress 2020

Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's! Happy birthday and any other happy something we've missed since our hiatus. Welcome to a brand new episode as we explore mental health matters and have some laughs while at it. Introducing our new co-host, the girl with the good vibes Shanice, alongside yours truly, Twisted Empress. We give you personal opinions and experiences on this episode of mind matters. Hope to have you on this journey all through. Lots of love. Find us on Instagram @talesofthetwistedempress or on the website  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Mind Matters
  2. Be Kind: The story of the tongue😂
  3. The Great Con…
  4. Job Seeker Chronicles
  5. Experience Creativity….😄😄

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