Remind me…

Remind me, please remind me that it’s okay not to be fine. Please remind me that I can lean on you sometimes. Please remind me that I can feel all I want. Please remind me that the scars are part of the beauty of the art.

Long hugs, slow music and soft laughter. Hot Cocoa and movies with the lights low. Hushed whispers and sneaky glances as the sun sets. Pillow fights and throwing each other out of the couch just because. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays celebrating them with each other.

Little pecks on my nose because you know it’s small ? and ticklish. Those adventures we have knowing I’m afraid of heights but in love with the thrill. The parks and lots of water that just shimmer in the light.

The fights, the real shouting and cursing and walking out banging doors. The apologies and sorry dinners we have.

Remind me it’s us, we are not them, it’s us and we still stay strong. Remind me please that it’s part of life, the cycle of life. ♥️

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