“Hey, you’ve been seated here for so long. Don’t you think that you’re missing out on so much? ”

The look she gave me had me asking if I really had to disturb her peace but I was curious. Why would she be alone when there was so much going on around her? Behind her a couple was discovering how long their tongues could tango and another sat by her side giggling sharing PG rated jokes. She stood out in all the madness around and that’s what pulled me to her. She was going to be different and from her eyes I could tell she’d be a challenge and I loved a good challenge. So here goes everything.

It’s cliche, boy meet girl, she plays hard to get but eventually falls for him. They get into fights and leave each other but they discover they can’t breathe, there’s literally no air without their significant other. A twist sometimes appears when the girl is the hunter and has set her eye on her prey but I find myself still reading the story why because I love drama?.

Drama, the fights, the tears the laughter the arguments, I like feeling it all because I’m that girl who feels everything. A sponge, absorbing all that comes my way. Sometimes I shed a tear, okay not a tear but several tears because I’m either so sad or happy.

Yes I’m that girl that will cry during movies because my emotions are everywhere. (that’s why I rarely go for movie dates no need to drown people in my tears??) I get into a world where it’s just me and my characters, the rest of the world fades away.

A book becomes more than a book, a movie feels like a real life experience and the drama gets me going.

Does it feel like a burden carrying all those emotions around? Is it healthy to feel that much?

Well emotions make us human and I don’t believe being numb helps. We just postpone the inevitable and make it worse. So I feel when the feels are there. Living in the moment because life is short. So yes I’ll laugh as I read a funny story until my sides ache and cry when it’s a sad piece.

Feels, I’ll feel them all. ♥️☕

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