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If I wrote a song, it would be about failed love. How he broke my heart and left me in the dark. I would sing how I am less happier without him. The sun is dull and food tastes so bland. I’d talk about how miserable I am now that he is gone.

I’d beg him to come back and probably eat my weight in sugar and junk. Then I’ll get over him, find somebody better and sing how he makes me feel like a woman. He loves my scars and caresses my tears. I’d sing of my new man and trash talk my ex.

Then he’d love me forever or maybe break me some more. I’d cry a lot. I am a crier. I cry happy tears. I cry sad tears. I cry when I am deeply entrenched in my feelings. I’d feel lost and deserted.

If I ever wrote a song, it would be a heartbreak song. I don’t believe he’d stay with me for the long haul. If I wrote a song, it would be for lost love. Love I’ll probably never find.

©Twisted Empress 2020

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      1. Hey, I recently started a category on my blog about writer/writing frustrations. It is a page I would love to adorn with the experiences of various writers . Would love it if you would contribute a bit of your experience. Let me know if you are up for it.

  1. If I ever wrote a song, it’d be of how much I missed reading it your beautiful mind.
    Of the rhymes on your WhatsApp status update.

    If I ever wrote a song, it’d be about asking you to text me. Not that I have anything to say, but at least then, I’d have your number again and get the links asap.

    If I ever wrote a song, it’d be that of appreciation.

    Great stuff mamii❤️❤️

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