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UNHINGED E1: Dress Code

Today feels like one of those days I’ll get a warning letter from HR because of my dressing. I’m in a dress one of my favourites actually, it’s not short it’s the permitted knee-length dress. The problem was when puberty hit for the first time as a teenager the only changes I experienced were probably getting a period and acne, the rest was out of stock.

Somehow in my 20s, my fairy godmother waved her wand and I got my Cinderella moment. I bloomed, richer than the dead flowers you have right now from Valentine’s. So in that regard, my dresses tend to ride up and when I sit they go higher. To some that would be indecent but hello, I didn’t ask for thick thighs and a well-rounded behind. The universe blessed me and I accepted, I don’t want to be ungrateful.

If I get a letter, I’ll conclude they are jealous because I am quite decent. Reminds me of my university days when I got several warnings and was made to change out of my dresses. To be fair, they were long just that the inner linings were short reaching mid-thigh and unless you were staring you’d not notice the difference.

Sometimes I feel like it’s because I am fairly tall and endowed that I get carded for “indecency” otherwise I don’t understand why I cannot be comfortable because some people have wandering and evil minds. It’s just a dress, everything is covered, with no cutouts or low necklines, and there’s no seduction just some people with perverse minds. Even the Bible says if something causes you to sin cut it off, so maybe those lustful eyes are the problem, not my dressing.

Incidences of sexual assault are not limited to ‘inappropriate’ dressing, recently a fully covered married Muslim lady, was showing off her pregnant bum and she was called out for indecency. Rape cases of minors a few months old to grannies in their 80s, covered hijabi women, sex workers, and just women going about their business negates the whole idea of the mode of dressing being the cause of rape.

In my experience as a woman, I have been whistled at, called names and shamed by random men as I walked minding my business because I refuse to acknowledge their sexual comments whether I am in a dress or trousers.

I have read stories and watched videos of women being stripped because they are ‘indecent’ and I was shocked to learn that some masc-presenting women have been treated the same for ‘acting like men’.
There is a gender-based violence problem and we cannot sweep it under the rug anymore.
No one is safe, infants or teenagers, male or female, the violence is becoming extreme.
Do we hate our women this much or is there more to the surface than just misogyny?

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