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This is for us and our never ending tears when watching anything that feels so emotional. A packet of tissue ever ready by our sides because the sniffles don’t have a scheduled time. The auditions, the books, the movies, the reunions. The list goes on and we feel each and every feel available.

It’s us constantly soaking in the emotion. Feeling all the highs and lows of the people we love. Yet we stick around, us who cannot breathe right in front of a crowd. The airways feel tight and the chest burns, our sweat glands overreact to cool the fire. This is who we are.

We could be the life of the party, us with our amazing dances in our heads. Our moves could shine the spotlight on us, who knows maybe we might be the next superstars. However we sit and watch life pass us by sipping our drinks waiting for the right time to recharge our drained spirits.

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The greatest fear remains, our friends getting tired of us. This being due to the constant need to be prepared for public places and crowds. Shutting down when everything gets to loud. “It’s a bowling alley not a stage in front of a multitude. So why are you shaking? Why won’t you play?”

The truth is I am scared. They will scrutinize my every move, how I can’t even play straight. I should have stayed home, watched a movie or read a book. This, this is not our cup of tea.

Maybe I’ll outgrow this stage, it’s been a few decades but time is an illusion right? The change they hope to see in who they wish we could be is a few time zones behind, preparing to launch its attack I assume. So before then, I’ll embrace me, us, in our silence is our strength. We are enough. Our voices are heard. We are seen. For us.

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