You see, my head is a mess a beautiful mess I must say?. Let’s indulge on level ground I bring my pieces to the board. I play my cards right, how about yours?

Whoever, I love my tea hot and my chocolate scalding. My milk should be cold and my water steaming. ? it’s weird, I know but the world still revolves the sun. ?

The smell of coffee is a nightmare not worth living. No offense to my beautiful coffee lovers. I crave for yoghurt, thick vanilla with no mint. They told me I’m not okay in the head but the asylum won’t admit me. 

I dance with fairies in the eerie nights and play hide and seek with the moon. I sing with the choir of crickets and swim with the stars. Truth be told, water outside the bathtub makes my knees buckle and my eyes bulge out?. 

Whoever, I’m an award winning Grammy winner 8 years in a row. My under the shower albums sold more than Michael Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s combined musical geniusness. 

Whoever, I should be among the greatest sprinters in the world championships. You should see me run especially when the dogs bark, Usain and his mates are rendered speechless. 

Dear whoever, I love fruits. My grandma probably planted a few trees in my belly when I could barely walk because my love for them is unexplainable. 

You see I’m from Jupiter, raised in Mars and dropped off on  Earth. A well traveled species and an adventurer on the side. The smell of wet earth makes my heart glad and the pounding of rain makes my ears sing. 

Dear whoever, I dance with my shadow and laugh with the wind. I glide with the eagles to let my spirit soar. I cry when I’m happy and smile when I’m sad. 

I watch the sunset with a book on my lap. Visit Persia, Venice and Austria in a night. I fall asleep with my legs dangling at the edge of the seat and soft music playing on my ancient record player. 

Whoever, I’m an 80’s soul with the heart of a 2 year old and a mind of Methuselah’s times. ? Old is gold, the older the bottle the finer the whiskey, they forget to tell you how expensive it is though. ??

Whoever, I’ve set my game plan. The courtyard is yours. Here is the ball, can you shoot a basket? 


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