red withering rose at daytime


I want to be petty. Petty you missed my birthday. Probably throw in a forgotten anniversary. I want to rile you up. Get your blood pumping in all the wrong ways because that’s what I feel around you! Roaring sounds in my ears like gushing waters down the rocky rivers. You are tearing my soul apart leaving behind scars I cannot hide.

What did I do to you? Is this revenge for the hard time I gave you infiltrating my walls? I want to rock your boat into the deep seas. Drown you in the waves maybe. I am losing myself here all because of you. Tell me what you want to do with me.

Am I just another pawn in your greater game? Son of a woman! What do you pray to? I can feel my temperature rising in a city frozen over. My body is on an overdrive of emotions. Creature of the wild, what is it you demand?

Do you ever get fazed? There’s a gash on your forehead when I threw the pan at you. I know that was extreme but you stood still. You were unnerved and it sent my hormones into organs I didn’t even know existed. I don’t remember picking it up let alone hurling it your way.

Despite it all, you did not raise your voice. I am aching for a fight. Blood thinning screams and cutlery breaking. I just want you disturbed. Your levels of self-control are astonishing. Just lose your cool for me love. I want to know your limits and keep testing them each time. Tell me what irks you, don’t just say you are fine!

Fine is a price you pay for something you’ve done wrong, it’s a punishment love. Don’t ‘okay babe calm down’ me when I break into a fit. Just talk to me please, ease the frustration that’s growing in my being. Be human love, let your guard down with me. Didn’t you tell your friends that I was your safe haven? Show me then. Let me into that maze of yours. I want to claim my stake in your emotional wellbeing.

Darling, there’s nothing stony about you in spite of having a body carved from Adonis himself. Please let me be there for you in all aspects not just some chosen few. Just lose it human!

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