Adamant. Rigid. Uptight. Guarded. I have a rich source of adjectives that could begin to describe what would paint a vivid image of who I

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mother and daughter on grass


This is for us and our never ending tears when watching anything that feels so emotional. A packet of tissue ever ready by our sides

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brown string lights in tree

Last Night

I think I met the one last night under the strobe lights with music blasting through the loud speakers. She was one with the rhythm

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woman wearing black off shoulder dress


Ignoring messages but still scrolling through reels and binging movies all day long. Although the phone rings endlessly , it takes a lot of energy

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adult blur books close up


Its 7am, class should have started but the lecturer cares less about time and more about making this degree seem unattainable. I have a limited

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words on glass against pink background


My whole existence is based on treading carefully. Denying my life to bloom so it doesn’t crowd your style.

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She had one of the longest days of her life, she just wanted to go home and rest. Her place of work could be draining,

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BowLay your life downWorship at my feetMark your way to my lipsHot and FastSlow and torturous Sing a hymnWrite an odeRecite poetry till my heart

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Apollo, there was a time we had conversations that flowed till morning and we would have to call in sick to catch some sleep. Funny

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I came here for love but handle me with kids’ gloves. Scared, worried and anxious. What does life hold beyond this dark tunnel? Is the

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There is peace in my being, A sight I don’t remember seeing. There’s a spring to my walk, Bubbliness in my talk. Good vibes and

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The cafe down the street has our photos on their poster. They say our our chemistry suits their aesthetic. Picture perfect, emotions swirling all around

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