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I am not a sad writer neither am I a sad person but there is a certain beauty in sadness. There is a vulnerability that comes with  the emotion that just tugs at the strings of my heart. I honestly love being vulnerable but on my own far from people. In the confines of my room under my blankets with sad music playing, I love breaking in that environment. This is not a sad post though, I am a happy person. I love babies and junk food but most especially I love books and solitude.

Sundays are safe days. My recharge days after my social battery is drained throughout the week. Writing keeps me sane, my release in a world where poison kills and saves simultaneously. Words spoke to me first before the actions sufficed.

Let’s take a ride down this road because I hate hills. Climbing leaves me breathless, sweaty and irritable especially since I am physically unfit. Anyway we are going down this road, let’s carry a bottle of iced water and be on our way. The sun is almost setting and the atmosphere just exudes this vibe that sends shivers down my spine. I am in love with the weather, I hoped it would have been with you but that is a story for another day.

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On this walk,I have a gift for you. I like orange and black so I wrapped it in my favorite colors. I made a cake but I ate it while waiting for you to take me on this walk. Up ahead there is a bakery, let’s grab a slice of caramel cake and wash it down with that new wine they launched a week ago. Close your eyes, I am bad at surprising people but just play along. Humor me love and pretend to be shocked.

Sundays with Sofia:Tales of the Twisted Empress.

Dear love that is my surprise,the blog updates will be as regular as morning traffic on Kenyan roads. Let’s ride together, our garage has the best of vehicles and we’ll be causing havoc on the roads on these trips.

Come along citizens of the Empire.

Your Empress has started a revolution.

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  1. People who love valleys are peaceful people. They are at the best vantage point to watch waterfalls, they are laid back and take time to digest and fully appreciate wonder.

    You walking into the night and down the hill is rather sad and lonely but like you said, this is not a sad post.

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