black and silver semi automatic pistol on brown wooden table


You and me, we make quite the formidable team. Join my ranks and be the deputy commander of my troops.”

He has a way with his words and I don’t remember saying yes but here I am three years later. He still makes my strides hasten whenever I see him. It was supposed to be a typical boy meet girls and charms her with his charismatic character.

If the world ended I’d still have you by my side. Lost in your eyes I have been since the moment you graced my presence.”

This girl however barely registered his presence until eight months after he had made his decision. ‘She was the one and I knew she’d be the one I need.’

Is it just me but did the temperature just rise when you came in love?”

Coffee dates were out of the question because she hated the smell alone. Adventure was always at the top of their list. They traveled land and seas, moments captured by the handy lens he carried with him.

You’re panting again but at the rate at which you run in my mind, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Somebody give me a shoe, this man will give me hypertension one day. I still love him but someone please call 911. I am tired but I still laugh. I found the antidote to my curse but shut up. I am writing this story so give me my time.We fight like this and make up more than I can count.

If the world was ending you’d come over,right?

With this self isolation I might as well write a book and keep my thoughts occupied. Hey criminal this cell feels a little small but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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