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“Hello this is Lucas speaking…I am sorry you believed I picked the call. Leave a message after the beep.”

He always does this and she kept on falling for it.

Hello Lucas it’s Jane we need to talk. It’s been a while now and I can’t get you off my mind. It’s not because of how amazing your lips felt on mine or how natural your touch felt against my skin.

I opened up to you in ways I never thought I would. You let me believe that I was safe with you. That the dark wouldn’t be my safe haven anymore.

Lucas you read all my pages even the unscripted ones! I was the puppet playing on your strings. I was forthcoming even with the thoughts I never shared!

You said it didn’t make sense, my jumbled mess was incoherent. I don’t know maybe my course content was too advanced for your thinking or maybe it didn’t meet your standards.

I wish you heard my heart break but I swallowed my pain and kissed you back. You didn’t understand where I was coming from darling and I didn’t know how to explain. I shut down.

Then came the silence that tore us apart. Was I to blame, I wouldn’t know? My texts went unanswered and the few times you reached out, you needed something from me.

I feel like I became an asset at this point. You withdrew from me completely and left me to my devices. My mind went into an overdrive and the floods that followed left me hopeless.

Lucas, you sought me out and when I finally let you in you left me. Please tell me what happened. Was I the problem? Did I…

Jane just stop that already.

The line went dead. She didn’t even hear him pick up the call. She had said all she could. She hoped he could give her the answers she needed.

She heard her doorbell ring. It was Lucas,hopefully the puzzle was set to be completed.

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