I write this, years in advance hoping you will one day get to read this and learn I loved you even before I knew you would be formed. I promise to care for and love you as my mother did. To give you the best in life, if I could I would give you every star in the sky. Bring the moon to your window so you would never be in the dark. Let it cast its glow on you and bathe you in its light as I watch you sleep and feel the love only a mother knows.

To see each of your smiles all my life for every mile of the way. I will watch you grow and listen to you learn your first words. We will laugh together, fight and not get along at some point in our life. I’ll soothe you as you teeth and learn to walk. It will be my joy to meet you at the front door once you learn to walk.
Each night I will sing to you each night, watch your eyes close in sleep, and smile when the fairy of sweet dreams captures you. Your little hands wrapped around my finger so tightly I feel the lump in my chest swell with love. The sound of your laughter and that satisfied coo after a meal will be a melody that will ring in my ears each day.

I will not always be a super mum, sometimes I’ll be a little tough baby because the reality out there is harsh. You will have curfews and you will be grounded if you break the rules. I’ll be a bad cop at times making your friends leave if you don’t do your work. Baby, we will have bonding times and we shall forget our run ins. I’ll teach you the love of Christ as I was brought up knowing. We’ll study and talk about life, love, and everything that will be in your great mind.

I will be the best I can be, forgive me for where I’ll be flawed. Everything will be in your best interest. The world is tough but my angel will be tougher and equipped to face all that will come their way. I hope you will trust me enough with your secrets, heartbreaks, first loves, and crushes. I will walk with you at all times; the hurricane that is teenagehood till when I’ll see my grandkids even when I’m called to a better place, I’ll look down on you with love knowing I gave my best.

When I’m gone I would want to know you are a better person because I gave my all. My dear angel, don’t cry for me but remember me with a smile and say, “my mother was my inspiration.”Baby, I love you so much and my heart cannot wait to share this immense feeling with you.

Yours with lots of affection,

Your future mother.


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