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“A delivery for Miss Carmen, ” he politely explained.

It was a bigger box than she expected. It was nicely wrapped in her favorite colors ,orange and black. He had a way of getting into her head and messing it up. She was scared and looking forward to his surprise gift. She hoped he packed his lips in here,  she could use a toe-curling, earth twirling and mind numbing kiss just about now. Carmen! Get a hold of your raging homones woman!

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Wrapping tissue. More tissue. More and more tissue. She didn’t think she had dropped a hint she was having a tissue shortage.  She had recently done her house shopping and her toiletries were stocked. Wait there was something soft in the box. She hoped it wasn’t  a bad joke, his ways were questionable. It felt lacy and beaded. She would probably make such an amazing game show host with how good she was at building tension.


She gingerly removed the material. It was a dress, a lovely heartstopping dress. It was her size definitely it was supposed to be hers. There was a note,

‘ How about you come by and let me peel it off you.


You know who’


The son of a gun had guts, she would show him she could play too. He didnt know what was about to hit him not even when he googled it. She had her game plan fixed, the queen was important on a chess board he was about to be schooled. Carmen was a wild fire , he would need medical attention after that. Assemble the troops, war is landing on his excellency Mr Hotshots.

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