Leave your lover, leave her for me. Hope she makes you happy, hope she makes you stay. ?

I should pour out my heart, let it flood into the Nile all the way to the Mediterranean. I’m not sure, you see, my Geography fails me a bit the same way you tore my heart to bits. I tend to walk with poise but lately I’m tripping over my own shadow. The rustle of the leaves makes my hairs stands on ends, pardon me, the countable hairs left on my head I should say. I fell into a habit of cutting my hair since you said how you loved it in the wind, it was a woven lie that I fell into and I regretted.

I’m taking into consideration that I am young, I’ll find someone better but I’m not sure I’ll love them the way I did you. They threw me a pity party, brought icecream and chick lit movies but they just rubbed into my face the more. I like a seasoned defendant lawyer stood by you and defended your bloodstained hands, was I a fool?

So I’m traveling to Egypt, to the pyramids, to the desert sands to the hot weather and oases. I choose Egypt cause you never dreamt of it, there is never have to remember your words. Those sugar-coated caramel flavored things I was served on a painted gold wooden plate. I was that gone, head gone. Haha. See my life through new eyes thats what I need now.

So you had her all along, I was just a distraction, a beautiful destruction you left behind. I’m learning, thanks for the impromptu lessons, atleast it was free, I didn’t use any money but I lost myself worth it. Anyway, I won’t bow in shame to a crown that deserves no respect.Mister I will sprout stronger, with no tears in my brown eyes and a smile on my once chapped lips. You didn’t feel a thing then, you’ll be charred when I rise.

Dear Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ecuador, here I come. Let’s brew a storm to bring up the playing field to level. The crevices are fixed over time and the building becomes stronger….


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  1. I can’t get enough of your work.
    Love on the Brain empress??
    Egypt , Mesopotamia,Ecuador can’t handle the heat you bring??.

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