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Things I wish he'd say. A girl can dream, can't she?

That was me, giving my heart out ready to jump over a bridge if I had to. Saved her name as ‘Mine’ with the emojis and all, pinned her chats even had a special ringtone for her. My guys made fun of me, they said I was whipped and rightfully so. There was something about her that just made me want to make the world right for her. Don’t get me wrong she was far from weak, she had strength that blew me out each time, honestly I fell harder for her.

She was a proud feminist, she stood for equality and called me out on my crap. She schooled me on it, misandry, misogyny and feminism in all their light. With her I figured out how patriarchy was messed up and why women feel the need to break free, men too. I figured how my voice counts in the movement of revolution against societal norms especially those that are keen to suppress people’s true selves.

I loved her, I still do and every morning I watch her and smile. She’s everything I need and I hope I’ll be enough for her. So Penzi, I’ll write an ode for you, throw in a few couplets rhyming my words to the beat of my heart when you are around. I want a lifetime with you, building and experiencing everything with you. So yes, I’ll be a simp for you because I don’t believe in giving half efforts for you.

Penzi, from my heart to yours. I love you and that you should never doubt.

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