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“Can I get potato juice?” she asked the man at the counter.

“Ma’am this is a bar not an organic restaurant. Did you read the sign walking in?”He quipped.

He wasn’t in a good mood at all and this strange lady was just getting on his last shreds of sanity. Fifteen minutes until  his shift was over, he could hang on a while longer.

‘Sir, I guess this lovely lady here was asking for a shot of vodka.’

“Thank you for coming to my rescue,” she said as she turned towards the direction from which she heard the voice.

Anyone who wants ‘potato juice’ is in need of a helping hand Miss…

Shauna, Shauna Mimi. Pleasure to meet you Mr…

Todd with the double D

She laughed and thus began their whirlwind romance.

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Eight months down the line and her apartment was littered with post it notes.


One would be forgiven to think that she was solving a crime and she rightfully was. The mystery behind her brokenness. They had broken up three months prior and she had made her mantra to be ‘do not text him’ which she religiously recited everytime she felt the itch to talk to him.  If this was how rehab felt like she was abstaining from all drugs. It was hard getting him out of her system.



She even prayed three times a day but she had no Jerusalem to face. He had infiltrated her camp and won over all her men after  which he overthrew her as commander. The apartment was filled with memories which she couldn’t erase. The heavy makeout session on her couch after their first date. The stolen kisses in her kitchen during the culinary lesson from his blessed hands.

Those hands had marked her skin and had left an imprint, a forever kind of reminder that she had been his. His lips were still lingering on her mouth, forehead and every other inch of her body he had traced. He was intoxicating, a whiff of him sent her over the edge.


Block. Unblock. Restrict. Unrestrict. It had become a pattern.


What did you do to me Todd?

Day 45 without texting him, she could do this. She could win this. He left without a reason, just upped and went. She deleted his number but couldn’t get through with unfollowing him on instagram. He had a total of twenty-one comments on his nine posts. Seventeen from females and four from the other gender that had made her as she was at the moment. She had checked them all out and they were all gorgeous creatures unlike her. He was online and she quickly logged off.

Day 100.


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  1. I like it! The way you wrote it makes it seem full of emotions, and I truly felt like I entered somehow what must be a chaos of thoughts in her head like, does that even make sense? Haha

  2. I must say that your blog is very good. Your story writing reflects the thoughts of the society and everyone can relate to characters. I would like to follow your blog.

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