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Sweet creature?

Take my hand, let’s take a walk. I know it’s 2 in the morning but I want to tell you my deepest darkest secrets?. I want to show you my untamed thoughts. Give you an insight of the depths of my soul. Will you come with me? Will you listen and hold me close when I cry? Will you come with me??


Mine is a complex mind, someone once told me it’s my prison. I think of long nights, slow walks and candid conversation. I yearn for a hand to hold, a heart that’s open and a mind, a mind like mine. Free to think without letting the reins of the world hold them back.?


I love hot chocolate on rainy nights, long hugs and slower songs. I listen to songs that suit my moods. My moods, well they are as many as the hairs on my head. My love is genuine and I’ll go a mile for the ones I love.?

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Sweet creature, I enjoy the night, it calms my nerves. The full moon makes me dance and gives me an ecstatic high. I love kids well until they are 6 years old?, past that they become a bit too much to handle. I don’t like coffee cause it makes my tummy turn.


I love reading, my biggest fictional crush is Shane Mackade and he stole my heart without trying. I love singing; my first inspiration was Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. I’m a helpless, hapless romantic human being. I fall easy for sappy romance and I shed a tear or two when watching or reading emotional scenes.?


I want to tell you why the night feels like freedom. I want you to know why I’m scared of the rain. I want to pour my heart out. Just let me hold you like a hostage. Tell you why the noose around my neck is a necklace I wear with pride.


I want us to laugh at my antics as I dance ? in front of the mirror?. I want to feel the little things that make my heart go boom! I want to race into the evening sunset at the beach. I want to bungee jump and cry as I scream how stupid the idea was. I want to…

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Dear me, I’m rambling! Pardon my mouth I’m a little excited and I get carried away.

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Oh well! Happy 2019 people.?

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