I want to be ugly,
Look from the sidelines,
Love in the dark,

Away from their expectations.
I want to be ugly,
If it means I’ll be free,
Free to be me,

To follow my dreams.
I want to be ugly,
Not care about what they say,
Be at peace with the world,

Safe in my truth.
I want to be ugly,
The world has set so many bars,
Bars too high for me to reach,

Standards I can’t achieve.
I want to be ugly,
True to my beliefs and faith,
Because beauty comes with preset responsibilities,

Rules I tend to break.
I want to be ugly,
They don’t believe beauty can be smart,
They made us hate beauty,

Airheads with plastic faces is what they want.
I want to be ugly,
Keep my erratic heart at steady beat,
Keep my mind afloat in the murky waters,

Protect my peace selfishly.
I want to be ugly,
If it will preserve my dignity,
If it will save my life,
If it will be my haven.

@twisted empress


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