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In a journey of two,
Let me be the one,
The one that completes the sum.
A journey of deep seas,
I’ll be the anchor ⚓,
I’ll hold you down.
Through thick bush and buzzing insects,
Let me be the repellent ,
Keep you itch free,
Just let me be.

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So Valentine’s is here yet again. The memes , the offers, the dates ?and let’s not forget people like me,the single netflix and junk gang??. The vibes and the lines that will be overused, the cheesy ones? and the stomach melting elephant stomping declarations of love.?

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The happy couples? who are still so in love, the freshly broken hearts still recovering and the hearts that believe their soulmates are probably dead. I believe in love ❤and all it stands for but I refuse to be hyped by a single day (unless it’s my birthday). Well I wouldn’t mind chocolate ?on this day but I’d love it on any other day.

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Same way I’d celebrate love on 14th February and on 30th September too. I mean love should be an every day affair. Love today,love tomorrow and love every minute. Don’t get me wrong?, Valentine’s is a greaat ?day. A day to be cheesy and overly romantic without being judged for it. Love is in the air,the reason for the season.?

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My netflix and junk ???gang, love yourself and cheers?? to us. Let us not throw shade on our taken friends when they dress ? in matching red and serenade their loves with chocolate and roses ?(which look better on a plant by the way). Let love and let joy.

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Happy Valentine’s my loves!

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Cheers to the happy couples and the single hearts too.

I love you all.


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