bad dancer

Bad Dancer

Lefty left. Righty right. I don’t know my left foot from my right when the music comes on. Should I move to your side or you to mine? Is this where I give you a twirl or is it when the beat drops? If dancing were the key to heaven, I’d gladly pack my bags to flames and fire resort, where you can burn in more ways than one.

Acceptance. I am a horrible dancer, I can’t even save the life of a worm with my skillset but for you, I’d dance the sunrise to your window so I can see your glow. I’ll learn what I can to keep you close to me as much as I can. It won’t be too much PDA that you’ll squirm away to hide. Just enough so that I can whisper in your ear how beautiful you are and how you make me feel at home.

Pride. To feel you let loose and smile to the lyrics speaking my mind to you through the stereo.

I’m a bad dancer, but I’d love to take you slow dancing

Into the starry night

And I’ll hold you so tightly and whisper into your ear

That you’re beautiful and heavenly

Baby, you are my song

Hope the music never stops

‘Cause I’m deep in love

Bad Dancer by Johnny Drille

I will sign up for salsa, bachata, ballroom dancing; or any style you want as long as I get to have you moving in sync with me. I want to share those smiles with you because it’s so contagious. Let’s be awed by the beauty of the rhymes and even more incredible wordplay. Dance with me my love, teach me how to hold you for life.

(c) Twisted Empress

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