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Last Night

I think I met the one last night under the strobe lights with music blasting through the loud speakers. She was one with the rhythm coursing through my veins.

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Her hips and lips inviting me to dance with her. Last night I had the time of my life, one for the books. History was written with her in my arms.

The world faded into the background, all I saw was her last night. My eyes roamed over her curves, her smile alluring almost blinding.

Seen, with her I felt seen and understood. Her eyes I got lost in last night, they held mystery and I never shy away from solving puzzles.

She was sly, evaded questions just held my hand guiding me to become one with her on the dance floor. Last night was a dream coming true.

One dance was not enough, she made me hungry an appetite so insatiable. Yet she disappeared last night before I found a way to know her better.

I hope I find my girl. Last night was great, hit me up please.

(c) Twisted Empress.

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