I love you more.
Not because love can be quantified, measured in grams or joules.
Or because my heart is anatomically bigger than yours.

I love you more.
Fitting right into your arms is not the cause.
Neither is it how I feel at home by your side.

I love you more.
Your laugh has me obsessed in ways impossibly human.
That sleepy whisper in my ear gets me all mushy.

I love you more.
In my sleep, I can pick out each and everything you love.
The exact amount of hot sauce on your tortillas and no salt in your fries.

I love you more.
Picking up my habits as weird as they are.
“Babe, it’s time for a relaxing session how many documentaries can we squeeze in?”

I love you more.
Even when I feel it’s a little too good to be true.
Reassuring the tiny devils in my head that you are here for a long time

I love you more.
Especially because I mean it like that with very tendon and fiber in my being.
More than my insecurities and fears.

I love you more.
A little extra on the days you feel unloved and unappreciated.
Through it all darling.

I love you more.
If I could I would redo our vows
Include all the reasons I choose to say I do every day.

I love you more.
A pinch of extra for every time the world feels too loud,
I love you more, always, and hopefully forever.

(c) Twisted Empress.TM

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