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Descendants of Adam and Eve, hear ye! Hear ye! Sound of the gong sweeping through these quiet streets. Hear ye! Hear ye!

Bring out thine glasses filled to the brim with your favorite drink, I mean water, it’s important to keep your system healthy.

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The neighborhood dogs are driving me crazy with their continuous barking. I really do not want to get caught up in their gang wars. The pets versus the strays. It’s a World War 3 here. I wish I could speak animal, Dr Dolittle do your thing.

That’s not the tea though, I think… I think I found the one. He ticks all the boxes. (who says that anymore?) He makes me happy and I would walk through fire for him. Okay,I stole the line from Harry Styles’ Adore you but I am genuinely falling in love with him.

I like his smile, it reminds me of a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy night. His laugh drains away all the frustrations of pending deadlines. (Dear school, please finish and complete yourself. I am tired. No regards, Me.) He has warm hugs that melt my body into his. I sincerely hope he doesn’t hear the trumpets playing in my chest or how my stomach suddenly becomes a wildlife park whenever he is around. His scent is like that of wet soil, I know it’s weird, I love wet soil and it’s intoxicating.

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If I could write him a song to make him fall in love, I would already have him in my arms but I can barely manage a 3 word sentence when he is around. I am already shy, as bashful as a young maid before her suitor, his presence makes it ten times worse or better. If he was a drink, he’d be the elixir of youth. I’d drink him morning, noon and night just like the doctor instructed and maybe just a little bit more. An overdose of just him would be a wonderful welcome especially in these crazy times.

Speaking of crazy dogs, the war between the dogs has intensified and I am not sure which team to support. The strays are mean and well versed in the ways of the streets. The pets are pampered and fed in a bowl thrice a day or more, they literally have life on a platter but wait, he is calling let me pick up.

Twisted Empress 2020.

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  1. hahah that intro n ending eiish perfécto missy!! i had a happy cat grin while reading! thanks a bunch

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